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About NewYorkStay.com | Information all about us including contact information

About NewYorkStay.com

Making the right choice for your stay in the big apple is not easy with so many accommodations offered online.



NewYorkStay - A Simple Philosophy, A Vital Difference


We entered the New York vacation rentals market in 2003 with a unique perspective. The traditional short-stay market in the city was terrible: the demand for places to stay in New York City, arguably the world’s greatest metropolis, will always be huge and, sadly, many property owners and managers used this as an excuse to treat their guests shabbily.


At best, you could expect rudeness and a snappy, big city impatience with any questions you might ask or problems you might raise; at worst, you could be led to an apartment that looked nothing like the one you booked and the manager, knowing you had nowhere else to go, would shrug his shoulders and say “Take it or Leave it”.


We had the good luck to enter the market at a time when booking apartments online, as an alternative to New York’s over-priced hotels, was still a novelty.  Our most profound insight was to realize that, in an Internet age, bad service, unfriendly attitudes and dishonest practices were not only wrong … they were also bad business.


As such, we structured our entire business around finding property owners who agreed with us that the best form of marketing is to give guests an incredible experience that they tell their friends about and share online.  It seems obvious but even today, more than a decade later, most New York short let property owners still don’t get it.


What This Means in Practice


Today, NewYorkStay has the best reputation, the most repeat guests and the top search engine positions.  This means that owners who want to fill their entire calendar with bookings come to us, putting us in a position to choose the best and to insist that they adhere to our standards and to our winning philosophy.


The famous New York attitude is fine but, if owners cannot provide guests with a good experience, from start to finish, they cannot remain listed on NewYorkStay.


We are based in Manhattan and fully focused upon New York City.  Every day, we reject properties that would not live up to our reputation.  We insist upon visiting each in person and taking our own photos - giving a true sense of an apartment is a key part of our service to guests.


We have been doing this for over a decade and can tell you that there are some filthy hovels in this city that practically look as if they belong in the Martin Scorsese movie “Gangs of New York”.  We also pay close attention to the attitude of the owner and can confirm that there are some rotten, sketchy owners out there who we will never let anywhere near our guests.


The most alarming thing, however, is that every single apartment we reject has no problem getting listed on the other vacation rental sites - our secret weapon has always been that we care enough and pay close enough attention to know which apartments are just bad news, for us and our guests.


Our Service - The NewYorkStay Difference


Perhaps the main reason why big vacation rental sites will take any apartment without even visiting it or vetting the owner, is that they know they won’t have to deal with any problems - as long as they get their cut, nothing else matters.


As an independent New York-based company, with no billionaire Silicon Valley investors to keep happy, we actually take a much smaller booking commission (another reason why the best owners stick with us) and, because we are based right here in Manhattan, we can provide our reknowned “Live Concierge” service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


If you have any sort of problem, you can phone or Live Chat with us and we will solve the problem.  Try phoning Airbnb at midnight to tell them that your heating has stopped working and see what happens.  Actually, just try finding their phone number :)



The difference between us and the others is we are based in New York and visit all properties personally so we can recommend the best place for your stay, depending on your requirements. Our site offers clear information making your choice a lot easier. We want all our guests to be happy guests and we will do all we can to make sure you select the right accommodation for your stay. Our site also offers extensive information on everything New York including an travel guide section with links to interesting places to see and worth a visit during your stay.


Do you have any questions? We will happily provide you with personal advice just drop us a mail or get on to the live chat.  All part of our customer service service of making your stay as wonderful as possible.


Price and quality

We do not list all properties we are offered, but we do list a selection to cater for all budgets . We try to choose for quality, location and amenities.

The rates offered are the best you will find and are automatically calculated for you including any discounts or last minute rates which may have been entered bythe owner. There are no hidden costs. All charges are clearly shown with a  breakdown of the total price, so no surprises on your arrival,


An easy to use website

Our company policy is simplicity, we make it simple, no flash, no  gadgets and no unnecessary distractions . Just clear  and simple information with easy step by step navigation.

The website is updated daily and improved regularly, taking account of our visitors feedback. This way we are able to make our site even more enjoyable for you on a return visit.


The advantages


Best Rates

With New York Stay you are guarenteed the best rates . We have negotiated great deals with the owners who update their rates almost daily , so we can always offer you the best last minute offers.


Best selection
Unlike most sites which offer hundreds of accommodations. We don;t just list any old thing, all our properties are carefully selected and visited by a member of our team who also take the photos.


No surprises
We belive in giving crystal clear information on all the rates and conditions. There are no hidden costs and we do not charge extra fees for using credit cards.


Secure online booking
Our reservation system is secure and uses the most advanced security measures and approved by Visa and MasterCard. We offer several ways to pay including Pay Pal, bank transfer and online secure payment with your credit card.


NewYorkStay.com making reservations easy.