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New York Attractions and things to see.

New York Attractions

The Statue of Liberty

The ultimate symbol of the American Dream, Lady Liberty, standing majestically over New York Harbour, is probably the most famous landmark in America. The people of France donated the statue to the United States in 1886, to commemorate the alliance of the two countries during the American Revolution. It was the first sight of the New World to be seen by the 12 million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, the country's principal immigration centre in the early and mid 20th century. Visitors can climb the statue or take the lift.

Liberty Island, New York Harbour
Tel: (212) 363 3200.
E-mail: stli_info@nps.gov
Website: www.nps.gov/stli
Transport: Circle Line Statue of Liberty Ferry (tel: (212) 269 5755) from South Ferry at Battery Park to Liberty and Ellis islands; free 24-hour Staten Island Ferry (tel: (718) 815 2628) from Battery Park.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 0930-1700, Sat and Sun 0900-1730.
Admission: Free; US$10 (return ferry trip).

Ellis Island Immigration Museum
The relatives of over 40% of families living in the United States of America passed through this historical immigration station, which operated from 1892 to 1954. Now a national monument and museum, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum has over 30 galleries related to the American immigrant experience. Tours are also on offer, during which visitors will learn how 'undesirables' were weeded out and separated from their families in the Registry Room, after month-long ordeals on often over-crowded boats. For a US$5 fee, visitors can search the Ellis Island archives by computer in the popular American Family Immigration Center for information on their ancestors.
Ellis Island, New York Harbor
Tel: (212) 363 3206.
E-mail: moreinfo@ellisisland.com
Website: www.ellisisland.com
Transport: Circle Line Statue of Liberty Ferry (tel: (212) 269 5755) from South Ferry at Battery Park to Liberty and Ellis islands (costing US$10 for a round trip).
Opening hours: Daily 0930-1700.
Admission: Free.

World Trade Center  Ground Zero
In early 2003, the city selected Memory Foundations as an architectural design, by Studio Daniel Libeskind, to replace the 110-story towers and surrounding buildings at the site of the former World Trade Center. The new structure integrates portions of a remaining slurry wall (strong enough to hold back the Hudson River). A slightly recessed public space, known as the bathtub, provides the setting for a memorial and a museum. North of this area, a 541-metre (1776ft) spire, the Gardens of the World, grace the skyline. Although the complex's very existence will memorialise the tragedy that occurred here in 2001, each year on 11 September, the sun will shine without a shadow on the Wedge of Light piazza. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation LMDC (see below) can provide more information on the decision and design.

The viewing platforms that once allowed visitors to pay tribute at the former World Trade Center site, dubbed Ground Zero, are no longer in place. A simple viewing area at Liberty Street and Broadway allows for observation of ongoing building work.
Lower Manhattan (on the west side)
Tel: (212) 962 2300. Fax: (212) 962 2431/33 (LMDC).
Website: www.renewnyc.com
Transport: Subway 1 or 9 to Chambers Street or subway E to WTC/Chambers.
Opening hours: Daily 1100-1800.
Admission: Free.


Brooklyn Bridge
Dubbed the eighth wonder of the world, when it was completed after 30-years of construction in 1883, John Augustus Roebling's design remains a masterful feat of engineering. One of the world's first steel wire suspension bridges and at one of the longest links from Manhattan to Brooklyn, over the East River. The bridge's mile-long wooden promenade is open to pedestrians and cyclists and offers stunning views of the city.It is a must do walk and is a very popular spot for marriage proposals(Just dont drop the ring !!!!)
Park Row
Transport: Subway 4, 5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge or City Hall.
Opening hours: Daily 24 hours.
Admission: Free.

Empire State Building
Immortalised by Hollywood cinema from King Kong and Fay Wray to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan this stunning skyscraper is now once again the city's tallest building. Completed in 1931, the 102-storey Empire State Building is a wonderful example of Art Deco period architecture and the observatories on the 86th and 102nd floors offer magical and spectacular views of the city; the 86th floor deck is open air. Each night, the top 31 storeys are illuminated with a color that reflects the season or holiday. Buy tickets in advance from their web site and skip the huge crowds.and if you have kids then do the sky ride an interactive view of the city taking you on an amazing hydrualic powered movie tour of the city lasting around 30 minutes but well worth it 
350 Fifth Avenue at East 34th Street
Tel: (212) 736 3100. Fax: (212) 947 1360.
Website: www.esbnyc.com
Transport: Subway B, D, F, N, R, Q or W to 34th Street.
Opening hours: Daily 0930-2400.
Admission: US$10 (concessions available).

Rockefeller Center
Built in 1932-40, the Rockefeller Center is a masterpiece of urban design. The best approach is from the Channel Gardens, opposite Saks on Fifth Avenue a popular lunchtime haunt flanked with shops and services to arrive at the focal point of the complex, the sunken plaza, used as an ice-skating rink in winter and an open-air restaurant in summer. Behind this, the sumptuous GE building dominates the scene with its Art Deco ambience both inside and out. The Rockefeller Center is home to NBC, Radio City Music Hall and Christie's Auction House. NBC tours, lasting one and a half hours, are available and points of interest include the Today Show studio, the skating rink, the Prometheus and Atlas statues and the Channel Gardens or you ca get tickets to the Top of the Rock and check things out from up above 
Fifth Avenue, 47th Street to 52nd Street
Tel: (212) 332 6868 or 632 3975.
Website: www.rockefellercenter.com
Transport: Subway B, D, F, N, Q, R, 1 and 9 to Rockefeller Center.
Opening hours: Daily 0930-1630 (tours run every half an hour). Admission: Adults US$10.

Museum of Modern Art
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), 11 West 53rd Street, between Fifth Street and Sixth Street, houses the most important modern art collection in the USA, covering a variety of media from the late 19th and 20th centuries, with impressive touring exhibitions.  

Tel: (212) 708 9400.
E-mail: info@moma.org
Website: www.moma.org
Transport: Subway 7 to 33rd Street, Queens.
Opening hours: Sat-Mon and Thurs 1000-1700, Fri 1000-1745 (extended during some shows).
Admission: US$12-20 (concessions available).

Guggenheim Museum
The Guggenheim Museum a seven-storey conical building designed by US master architect Frank Lloyd Wright is worth visiting if only for the building alone. Inside, it features an acclaimed collection of late 19th- and 20th-century art works, as well as touring exhibitions.

1071 Fifth Avenue, at 89th Street
Tel: (212) 423 3500.
E-mail: visitorinfo@guggenheim.org
Website: www.guggenheim.org
Transport: Subway 4, 5 or 6 to 86th Street.
Opening hours: Sun-Wed 1000-1745, Fri and Sat 1000-2000.
Admission: US$15; concessions available; patrons may pay what they wish Fri 1600-1800.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Home to more than two million works of art spanning five millennia, the Met is a cherished New York institution and its stairs are a popular location for many of us to congragate, eat lunch meet friends and peoplewatch ....It is also a popular spot for marriage proposals .

It is the largest art museum in the western hemisphere and its collections are outstanding.

1000 Fifth Avenue, at 82nd Street
Tel: (212) 535 7710.
Website: www.metmuseum.org
Transport: Subway 4, 5 or 6 to 86th Street.
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 0930-1730, Fri and Sat 0930-2100.
Admission: US$12 is suggested.

Central Park
New York's famous green lung, Central Park, is a magnificent city sanctuary situated in the centre of Manhattan. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, it opened in 1876 and now offers numerous recreational and cultural outlets. The Belvedere Castle a stone castle built on Vista Rock in the middle of the park at the 79th Street Transverse offers excellent views from its lookout, while the Shakespeare Garden, just west of the castle, contains flowers and herbs mentioned in the Bard's plays. The Central Park Conservancy offers various free walking tours of the park. There is also a theatre and sports facilities, including tennis courts, ice rinks and lakes, in addition to the celebrated Central Park Wildlife Center. Considered to be one of the world's most appealing small zoos, it has exhibits for each of the world's major environments and houses smaller animals, such as monkeys and penguins. The Tisch Children's Zoo, across East 65th Street, is a hands-on animal garden where petting domestic animals, such as goats cows sheep alpaca and pigs, is permitted. The beautifully landscaped Central Garden and Sea Lion Pool is flanked on three sides by a glass-roofed colonnade, making it accessible even in wet weather. It is considered unwise to visit Central Park after dark, except for events such as ice skating, carriage rides or Summerstage (see Special Events).. Another favourite is to buy some nuts and feed the squirrels.

As a city we love our park and as soon as the weather is warm everyone makes a trip or two to Sheep Medow to relax play frisbee lay in the sun and just relax in the sunshine which for most of us living in the city is a luxury 

Also a ride on the carousel is not to be missed no matter what your age 

From 59th Street to 110th Street
Tel: (212) 310 6600 or 360 2726 (walking tours hot line).
E-mail: contact@centralparknyc.org or tours@centralparknyc.org
Website: www.centralparknyc.org
Transport: Subway N or R to Fifth Avenue; or bus 4, 5 or 6 to 59th Street.
Opening hours: Daily 24 hours (park); daily 1000-1630 (visitor centre).
Admission: Free.
Belvedere Castle
Mid-Park at 79th Street.
Tel: (212) 772 0210.
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 1000-1700.

Central Park Wildlife Centre
830 Fifth Avenue and East 64th Street
Tel: (212) 439 6500 or (212) 861 6031.
Website: www.wcs.org/zoos
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 1000-1700, Sat and Sun 1000-1730 (5 Apr-26 Oct); daily 1000-1630 (27 Oct - 4 Apr).
Admission: US$6 (concessions available).