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Bronx Accommodation | The Bronx is northernmost of the 5 New York boroughs


The Bronx has always been an area of stunning contrasts. Once known for crime and conflict between the ethnically diverse communities, today it is an area where the culturally diverse population has created an exciting and rich dining, shopping and entertainment scene. While the Bronx might be the most densely and highly populated borough of New York it is also home to numerous green spaces, the largest parks in New York city and natural attractions such as the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens located in the Bronx Park. There are a number of attractions and must do's when visiting The Bronx the main ones being the Bronx Zoo, the Yankee Stadium and Botanical Gardens.


The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world and a highly popular NYC attraction. Visitors can travel the Earth at miniature scale by going on safaris with lions, venturing into tropical forests, watching aquatic birds, admiring the inhabitants of the Butterfly garden or the exotic species of Madagascar and Tibet. The zoo is the ideal spot for family days with numerous zones, attractions and play areas specifically designed for little visitors – from camel rides and animal feeding to 3-D movies. The two shuttle services operating within the park allow disabled visitors or anyone who is feeling lazy to get quickly from one geographic latitude to another. 


The nearby Botanical Gardens are the most attractive and serene place for strolls, romantic dates or days out with the kids far removed from the urban hustle and bustle. The place is an outstanding botanical research facility with labs and libraries  but what attracts ordinary visitors are the 50 themed fragrant, exotic and utterly beautiful gardens where one can marvel at any flower from exquisite orchids and roses to herbs. Check out the programme if you want to catch one the numerous temporary events and exhibitions held throughout the year.


Beside these popular attractions, the Bronx boasts several other recreational areas. The Van Cortlandt park is a favourite of joggers and runners who like it for its extensive trails and varied terrain, while the Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in New York. The only public beach in the city is located on the territory of the park. The sandy stretches of Orchard beach are much loved by locals and used for sunbathing, picnics and beach sports, but also ideal for strolls and savouring local food at the stalls and shops.


As for finer food, the Bronx is the place to sample delights at good prices. The ethnically diverse population is largely responsible for the numerous cuisines on offer. You can eat burgers on the cheap or go for fine dining at Zagat and Michelin-starred restaurants where cuisine ranges from Latin American to Asian and from European to African. A prime location for Italian food is Arthur Avenue at the heart of the local Little Italy where you will find  some of the best Italian restaurants and delis in New York.


Another attractive ethnic centre is the African Centre Mall where you can find African foods, clothes and crafts. The best places for shopping sprees are the Hub in South Bronx, a major shopping and entertainment quarter complete with stores, boutiques, restaurants and theatres, and the Bronx Terminal Market – the largest shopping mall in the Bronx.


The Bronx is home to the famous Yankee stadium and numerous sports bars where local fans gather to dine, drink and watch games. While the golden days when Latin and Hip Hop music flourished here might be long gone you can still find plenty of dance clubs and music bars. Plus, numerous Latin American bars and restaurants with fine food and music will allow you to tickle your taste buds or swing a night away.


Those who are into arts, history and culture should pay a visit to the Maritime Museum or the Museum of the Arts. The fans of Edgar Allan Poe can visit the house at Kingsbridge Road where the author wrote his last stories.