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Gramercy Park, New York, New York

Gramercy Park, New York, New York

Gramercy Park also known as Gramercy is the area between 14th St and 1st Avenue And 23rd and Park Avenue South. It is a unique and exceptionally quiet area of the city known for its exclusive Real Estate and its private garden and park called Gramercy Park which is only 1 of 2 privately owned parks in the city (the other being Sunset Park in Queens). 


The only people who have access to the grounds are those who live in the area and pay for a key. It is said there are around 400 keys in existance but many are unused. The locks are changed every year and if you lose your key it is said to be upwards of $1000 to replace !!! 


Gramercy has remained almost unchanged for over 100 years with some of its buildings near to the park still displaying the original gas lamps which were used in the 1800'S. It is considered to be the safest neighborhood in the city with an almost zero crime rate.


The land Gramercy is sitting on used to be a swamp and was purchased for development from a farmer in the early 1830s.  After the swamp was drained and over a million truckloads of earth were transported to fill in and landscape the area the park was offered in deed to the owners of the 60 parcels of land surrounding it and  remains today 100% private with access only for those who own rights to the keys. 


Surrounding the Park are some of the oldest buildings in the city Notably N.34 and #N.6 Gramercy East are two of the cities first apartment buildings built in 1883 and 1905 respectively. There are multiple carriage houses and brownstones built in the early 1900s each with a plaque describing the original owners and detailing life in the area at the time.


N.16 Gramercy South is the location of the Players Club which was founded and owned by Edwin Booth the Shakespearean actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth who assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Next door at N.15 Gramercy South is the National Arts Club which has a secret escape tunnel to 19th St somewhere inside as it was once the residence of 1876 presidential candidate Samuel Tilden who had a lot of anxiety about political unrest. 


Other historical and theatrical figures who have lived in the area include: John Barrymore; Barbra Stanwick; John Carradine; John Garfield; George Bellows; Margret Hamilton


In 1966 the area of Gramercy Park was registered as a historic district and this insures that the charm and grace of this lovely enclave will remain protected and unchanged as the years go by. It is a well located place to stay with access to Chelsea and the Lower east Side very near and the action of Union Square just steps away making it an ideal destination for families or people who like to have a little walk and are looking for a quiet residential neighborhood to enjoy and explore.