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Lenox Hill information and accommodation


Lenox Hill is the richest neighbourhood in New York ideal for those who seek luxury and pampering on all levels. The area abounds in high-end boutiques, restaurants and hotels offering the finest of fine living, while for art lovers there are plenty of hip galleries and several fantastic museums. Furthermore, proximity to Central Park and a good location within easy reach of major attractions make it perfect for anyone who wants to explore the city.


A huge part of the neighbourhood lies within the Upper East Side Historic District, a conservation area that spans numerous period buildings, centuries-old churches and townhouses of outstanding beauty. In the 19th century Lenox Hill attracted some of the wealthiest people in America who built splendid mansions overlooking Central Park. Many palatial townhouses preserved to this day still grace tree-lined avenues. Yet, as in all of New York you will also see lots of ultra-tall modern towers. Even today some of the richest people in the world live locally on either Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue both of which offer great vistas over Central Park. Beside the ultra-rich entrepreneurs and celebrities the area is popular with yuppies who make weekends at local bars and lounges much livelier.


Apart from loads of excellent accommodation offers perhaps the best about this posh neighbourhood is that it allows easy access to the rest of Manhattan and nearby attractions. The stretch of Fifth Avenue that runs along Central Park is mostly residential but if you head a little further south or north on this most famous of New York streets you will find flagship stores of all major luxury brands and high-street labels as well as some of the city’s grandest museums. Madison Avenue is another premiere shopping and dining location and the part of it that lies within Lenox Hill is lined with gourmet food stores, luxury boutiques and galleries. Pop into the Whitney Museum of American Art on the corner of the avenue and East 70th Street. This fantastic museum has a rotating permanent collection and visiting exhibitions that will allow you to get familiar with 20th century American art.


The area has its fair share of galleries featuring works by contemporary artists but if you have an eye for the classical head to the Frick Collection at East 70th Street and Fifth Avenue. This former family mansion turned museum boasts a fantastic collection of masterpieces accumulated by the steel tycoon Henry Frick and his daughter. Visitors can see artworks, paintings, sculpture, porcelain and furniture by the greatest old masters from the Renaissance to the Impressionism. Another notable art institution is the Asia Society at the corner of Park Avenue and E70th Street. The Society allows visitors to get acquainted with Asian and Pacific cultures and arts through a host of excellent exhibitions, events, lectures and initiatives.


One of the perks of living here is that Central Park abuts the neighbourhood to the west offering a respite from the urban hustle and bustle. This green oasis that contrasts so sharply with the rest of densely built-up New York allows everyone to experience nature in the city. Beside a range of leisurely activities like strolls, picnics and sunbathing the park is perfectly suited for outdoor sports. Facilities are available to the public for the practice of fishing, jogging, cycling, tennis, swimming, horse riding, ice-skating and a range of ball sports. Ideal for days out with the kids and complete with children’s attractions and amusements of all sorts, the park is also a great location for family outings.


Lenox Hill encompasses an area in the lower Upper East Side between Central Park and the East River from 59th to 73rd Streets. There is only one underground line along Lexington Avenue serving the neighbourhood but its central location make commuting and travelling around the city extremely easy.



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