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Murray Hill


Murray Hill NYCLocated midtown from 34th to 42nd Streets is the residential area locals call Murray Hill. It is named after the Murray family who had a massive estate built on what was once a large hill which rose up from 34th st and declined naturally around 42nd St. Until the mid 1800s the area was considered uptown and was home to large estates like the one of the Murray family till the railroad line was cut through the area bringing with it  the development of businesses, row houses and churches to serve the influx of merchants and families.



The neighborhood has always been rather quiet and is considered to be a conservative respectable address mostly populated by older upper middle-class residents and young professionals who work in the finance and banking fields.



The United Nations is very nearby so there are many small embassies and diplomatic missions along with multiple foundations headquartered in Murray Hill such as Yeshiva University Stern,The Morgan Library,The Consulate Generals of Mexico and South Africa as well as missions to the UN of India, Austria, China, Benin, Fiji, Romania, Cuba and Malta to Name a few.



There is a strong international restaurant scene with many ethnic foods available in very no frills and authentic places boasting well priced and traditional cuisine. This is one of the many things that sets Murray Hill apart as most of Manhattan is very pretentious when it comes to the foodie scene and there are so many places that serve overpriced fare in showy places that charge more for atmosphere and provide poor quality service. This is not the case in Murray Hill where you will find great prices and solid dependable service along with great dishes.


Many locals call Murray Hill “Curry Hill” as there is a huge Indian population which has settled and opened traditional shops and cafes along with grocery stores and fabric shops. The streets off of Lexington avenue are often lined with Taxi Cab drivers pulling off during their shifts to grab a Kebab or Dosa and the famous Kalustans Supermarket is located on 28th and Lexington...it has the citys best selection of ethnic foods with over 30 different types of rice more spices varieties of honey and herbs then you ever knew existed and an unparalleled selection of Greek-Turkish, Indian and Mediterranean sweets. It is a chefs dream and you are likely to bump into many famous faces from the culinary world while browsing the racks of provisions.


There is a tiny little cafe on the top floor that few tourists ever visit, but we recommend for a quick stop if you are in the area and are so inclined. There are very few clothing shops in Murray hill but it is a charming and quiet place to walk around and there are some excellent rug shops along Park avenue on the edge of the Neighborhood with selections that will boggle your mind in prices and patterns.



Overall Murray Hill is a lovely quiet area to base yourself for a trip as it is very close to all the action yet is residential and peaceful so you need not worry about street noise or chaotic touristy commotion . The buildings are mostly Pre War walk-ups and many have small gardens in the rear which in some cases can be accessed by tenants.



Places we recommend to check out are: Kalustans Grocery, Sniffen Alley, The Morgan Library, The New York Public Library.



Places to Eat: anywhere on Lexington Ave between 26th and 30th but most notably Saravana Bhavan on 26th and Lex across from the Armory for the best South Indian food outside of the subcontinent, Friend of the Farmer 77 Irving Place for Farm to table rustic fare, Inoteca 323 3rd Ave Italian wine bar,  Lyric Diner 24 hour American diner staples 283 3rd Ave, Jaiya Thai 396 3rd Ave, Naimat Kada go for the meat and naan 124 Lexington, Dip Fondu  416 3rd Ave.