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New York News and gossip.

New York News and Gossip

Well here we are, the start of another year and so far so good, New York accommodation wise. We have found it busy with bookings as normal and no sign of a recession so far.

Reservations are coming in at a great rate daily for all our Manhattan apartments, so I guess none of our guests have been f..... by MR Madoff who we see has managed to stay out of jail and has been allowed to return to midtown penthouse mansion worth many millions. 

Is there any justice in this world?

Speaking of New York Mansions, New Yorks most Expensive apartment has gone on sale, maybe it's MR Madoff's.

If you happen to have survived the credit crunch and have a spare $65 million + taxes, you can purchase New Yorks most expensive apartment


Cost: Offers in excess of at least $65 million


Location: The two-floor property is located at Park Avenue, Manhattan.


A superb duplex apartment with over 30 rooms. 

Located at 740 Park Avenue,  It has been lived in by  many famous and rich people including Rockefellers since being built in the early 1930's.

Expensive apartment New York 
You do not get the entire buildings for the $65 million, just two floors 


if you haven't got $65 million , you can rent Manhattans most expensive hotel room @ $34.000 a night + tax for the  the penthouse suite is located on the 52nd floor  which covers the entire and comes with multiple bedrooms, its own private elevator and many other amazing  luxurious touches.

Well would you believe it, one month gone and only 11 to go.  Time really seems to have sped up.

Well here in the big apple it is cold but the tourists keep on coming despite the credit crunch.   SO so far so good.

Latest gossip to hit the fan is
Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has been filmed smoking marijuana.  "I wont do it again" he is reported as saying.

Well Michael it's called growing up. When you are your age you just got  to try everything otherwise you will have experienced very little in life.
But I guess it's bad for your swimming and for your bottom line, sponsorship wise.

Spotted this sign on the way to collect my daughter from school the other day. Thought it quite good and worth spreading it around. - Sign of the times- New York Feb 2009.

Its on the door of a kids toy store  in the east village. There is a large lesbian transgender and  gay community in the area who have adopted children and this store is run by one such couple. It represents equal rights for all families

Spring is Here Spring is Here
With spring in the air New York and its people have dropped their sleepy warm coats and are taking full advantage of the nature that is here  Central park is a buzz with action from jugglers and clowns to relaxing in the morning sun while some one in the distance plays the sax

spring time1


Be it Sunny or rainy the beat of the city keeps going

The picture below was taken from 5 ave and 15th street looking uptown every night the lights on the Empire state building change color.
skyscraperi loveyou

A blank wall can be used as a canvas to exhibit your artistic genius as in the case of

SESAME STREET ON THE STREET,  on Ave A in the East Village The neighborhood is always thrilled to have such great guests visit for the afternoon 
Summer in the City is full of things to do take a walk in the park go to cony island on the sub way it only costs 2.25USD one way and you can ride the CYCLONE a wooden roller coaster and visit the aquarium and have a day at the beach
Governers island is also now open to the public it  used to be a military camp and now is decommissioned  a great place to have a picnic and see the statue of liberty the ferry there and back is free you can also rent a bike and ride round the island


The photo below is from picnic point on Governors Island 

What A view

PIC 0610



sailing under the Brooklyn bridge or past the statue of liberty you can charter a boat from the south street sea port  

saling under_the_brooklyn_bridge


the facade of the old Virgin Mega Store  building in Union Sq  There is a great farmer market twice a week and an artist market as well on Wednesdays wheere you can find everything from Street inspired art to classic watercolors and Oils 

Well worth the trip 


union sq_

in mid town looking up at the Chrysler building reflecting on the building across the street


looking up_at_the_chrisler_bulding_

the view from the tenth floor looking down at the intersection of 14th and 1st Ave at  2 am  the city never sleeps

night on_14th

did someone in the city lose a duck ??

lost duck

a great way to see the city is on the tourist  bus

you get a day pass and can hop on or off where ever you want

tourest bus

Hello Folks

Today in New York

Darth Vader has resurfaced and robbed a bank on Long Island

The Lord of the Sith did not use a light saber but was successful nonetheless and left with a large packet of cash

He is the kind of guy you just can not say no to

to read more about his adventure you can click on the following link


and check out the photos



While it is common knowledge that nothing say New York like bagels pizza and coffee 

We locals have a secret addiction 

A weapon of sorts to help us get through the long commutes packed streets and general life in the city 

When the going gets tough, the tough eat CUPCAKES 

That's right folks 

Man Woman and Child all love em 

so without further ado 

Here is a list of some of the best place to have your cake and eat it too ....or three...or four !!!


 Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleeker Street



Amys Breads

250 Bleeker Street 



The Grey Dog 

33 Carmine Street 



Cupcake Cafe 

545 E.9th St 



Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

126 Rivington St 




There are many scattered all over the city, and even though they are a chain they are still great 


Buttercup Bake shop

973 2nd Ave



And for the people who need to keep it allergen free 

We are proud to recommend 


338 E.11th St  


Where you will find the smallest members of the New York Stay Family steaming up the windows almost every day after school 




248 Broome St 



And if you find yourself in Brooklyn head over to

Sweet Melissa

276 Court St


And a big thank you to our brooklyn family who dragged us out to enjoy the brunch and pastry at this beautiful little spot 
Well worth the train ride and it has an amazing little garden 

SO sweet...Hence the name I am sure 

We hope this list has you licking your fingers 

Hey you can plan your entire holiday to include visiting all the shops then send us in your opinion on who holds the title of best cupcake...its all in the icing !!!



Hello Again readers

Its a hot muggy sticky day here in New York

We are waiting for the rain

It seems to be taking its sweet time in arriving

The most exciting thing I have heard today is the opening of the long awaited Eloise Suite at the infamous PLAZA HOTEL 

Love the Plaza !!!

Eloise for those of you who don't know is a children's book (sadly turned movie)

It is a story about an impish little girl who lives in the Plaza with her Nanny her dog weenie and her turtle skipperdee while her

fabulous mother is away traveling

The series tells of her adventures in the hotel and the general mischief she gets up to 

An interesting bit of trivia is that the real Eloise is the actress Liza Minelli who's mother was the infamous Judy Garland 

The suite is designed by none other then the queen of pink herself the venerable Betsy Johnson 

and for a mere $995 your kid can spend a night there.

If the adoring adults want the adjoining suite it will cost $2,045 for the package 

The Eloise Suite can sleep up to 4 children and comes with a bowl of raisinettes (Eloises favorite snack)

To read more about this New York icon in her own right check out this link to her website 

And be sure to make the trip to the Plaza to visit her portrait 

Just tell the bellman you would like to visit with Eloise and they will take you right to her 

And then visit the lobby for a Manhattan.....No trip to New York is complete without at least one !!


Hello Readers 

With Fashion Week coming up on us in just over a month September 9 till the 16th to be exact(so book your accommodation now as it goes quick )

I thought today we would discuss PANTS in New York City 

or to correct myself "how to wear ones pants in New York City so as not to break any laws"

First you must wear them ...it is legal to be topless in Manhattan but not bottomless which is the thing we will learn about today 

A few months back the police were called to investigate a complaint issued by a local lady in the Bronx regarding a man who was parading around in what she felt was unacceptable attire 

The police arrived and issued a summons for disorderly conduct to Julio Martinez  for wearing his pants so low that his boxers were exposed 

His court date came on Friday and while the judge agreed that wearing ones pants that low could have offended the fashion police it should not have offended the officer enough to issue a ticket 

The judge is quoted as saying "While most of us may consider it distasteful, and indeed foolish, to wear one's pants so low as to expose the underwear . . . people can dress as they please, wear anything, so long as they do not offend public order and decency," 

While many towns and cities  across america have banned sagging pants in an effort to clean up the image of the towns youth we are proud to say that here in New York you can look silly and its not against the law to do so if you choose 

So the way to wear your pants in New York is any way as long as they are on your legs 

Just an interesting bit of information from the city that rivals Paris as the fashion capital of the world 

So while your packing keep in mind that if you forget your belt its OK !!



 In the subway station on 14th st and 8th ave there is a permanent art exibition called "Life Underground" by the artist Tom Otterness

It is full of amazing little characters everywhere in holes and cracks

on beams and turnstiles it created a really magical experience

8 the_ave_ststion_and_train_

 there are lots of them all over


8th ave_14th_st_station


A pier into the hudson river that is no more

the buildings in the background are in New Jearsy


abandoned peir

 A sculpture of Alice in central park always a hit with the kids

alice in_wonderland

 If you have a day of going to Cony Island and visiting the New york Aquarium just steps from the board walk and rides is a great way to spend a lazy summer day



An art installation painted on a slip for the governers island ferryit is a great place to experience the effect

as you watch the art so much is going on at the same time.

Because we had to shrink the picture it takes away from the moment there is a helicopter landing ,boats on the east river ,downtown to the left ,brooklyn bridge in the backround while you are on a ferry to Governers Island a place away from the madness of NYC

at the_same_moment

 Bergdorf's Need we say more !!!!


 The Brooklyn Bridge

New Yorks oldest bridge and a lovely landmark

Walking across is a great trip as you see the sky line of our amazing city

brooklyn bridge

 Green Green Green a building that got taken over with Ivy

building covered_in_ivy

 Talk about green Central Park and the lake in the middle with the boat house a great restaurant where you can rent row boats and have a great time in the middle of the city...perfect for those planning a romantic holiday or looking for a bit of solitude

Very Romantic

central park


central park1


A part of town called the Meat Packing District

There used to be a elevated train track that came to this area now it is a great little park which is still being worked on and when finished you will be able to walk from Ganesvoort st to 34th street on the west side 

the area as the name states used to be the meat packing district with lots of wholsale merchants suplying the hotels and restaurants till it got mooooved to New Jersey

The photo below is a good idea of the contrast and change the area is experiencing since the relocation

Very high end shops super fantastic hotels and the meat shops that still dot the surroundings

When coming out of a club in the early hours of the morning you can still catch the meat shops that are around taking in their orders ect....not the best site after a long night but interesting to say the least and suprising to those who dont know

changing face_of_the_meat_packing_district

 chelsea market

Chelsea market a great indoor market with some of the best food on the ground floor the Food Network has its studios upstears.It is also the place where the Oreo cookie was invented 

christopher park

Cristopher streat Park with art instalations 


The CYCLONE Newyorks oldest Roler caster in Cony island It is made of wood and rattles 


dosa shack

 In line for street food just outside washington sq park 

down town__1


downtown 1

empire state_building

empire state_seen_from_13th_st

empire stste_seen_from_union_sq

fashon ave


flat iron_building


grand central


hogs and_heffers


inside plaza_hotel


inside the_plaza


inside the_plaza_hotel

large billbord


lower east_side1


lower east_side_21


lower east_side3






national history


national history_3


national hostory_2


near union_sq


new reflecting_the_old


picknic at_govs_island_

 our famaly on  governers island having a picknic the statue of liberty in the background it is a great place to get away from the hussle of the city. There is a free ferry from Manhattan on the weekends 

street in_chelsea

 Trafic in Chelsea all the streets exept for a few in the city are one way as they where not designed for heavy trafic 

sunset over_down_town

 Sunset over downtown manhattan as seen from 14th st 

sunset ovet_the_west_village_



Try to find him in times square

he is there every day

naked but for some very tiny skivvies

the naked_cowboy


times sq

Times Sq the hub of Activity for visitors all the Neon is quiet overwelming 


tourist bus

 The best way to view a lot in a little time is the hop on hop off buss 




A Chalk sign outside a bar in the lower east side  

washington sq


washington sq_with_empire_state


wall st



 Beautiful clear blue sky as it is every year on this powerful day 


It has been 9 years now 

the city's pulse is drowned out by the sound of helicopters trying to get the best angle on the families and friends of the victims as they read the names and place their flowers in the pools reflecting the sky at the site

Flags wave at half mast in the newly cooled air and everyone walks a bit slower past the fire stations unable to ignore the plaques and etchings of the fallen 

We try to remember while trying to forget this legacy that we pass on to our children in the form of stories and photographs 

I am a born and raised New Yorker

Black is the only color I wear 

I drink my coffee from a paper cup covered with grecian columns one of the great mysteries only the true residents understand

I fold my pizza and my new york times in half.... the secret origami learned from my grandfather 

I miss the towers 

they were a shining jewel in the city skyline

they were everything you have read and more 

I can go on about the times my father took us smelling of cigar smoke and mystery to the top changing lifts and escalators what seemed like a million times  to eat in Windows on the World...Starched linen napkins and the feeling that your soup and you were done for if you leaned forward another inch

Of cutting school to go to the top of the observation deck and smoke cigarettes ....pretending we were young tourists 

Of standing at the bottom 

chin against the glass looking up till your neck was stiff

sure they were not buildings but highways to the sky that never ended...a pathway to the clouds...

So today as we remember 

I will share the one thing that really embodies the towers to me 

It is the daring beauty of the walk of the great Philippe Petit

He is perhaps the one who knew them best ...to quote Werner Herzog "one more thing Philippe,you are not a coward-so what I want to hear from you is the ecstatic truth about the twin towers..."

He danced in the arc of space between the void

he accomplished the unimaginable

they towers called him and he rose with them 

As we all should 

To the occasion of bravery and impulsive creativity and caution 

to taking the steps to live out loud 

in blazing memory