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New York Restaurants | Manhattan restaurants and places to eat in New York: All have been tried by our team.

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Good Food and Restaurants

New York Places to eat, good restaurants and places to grab a snack.

There's nothing like a few personal recommendations for great places to find something nice to eat when visiting a city.

Forget the guide books when visiting a city like New York on a budget it can be difficult to figure out where to eat without breaking the bank.  Here are a few great places where you can feed 4 people for under $50 dollars including tip. We have included Queens and Brooklyn in case you find yourself over the bridges in either direction. Yes there is a lot to do outside Manhattan as well!!!!

5 East Broadway at Chatham Square Phone 1.212.732.0797

FUN! FUN! FUN! a classic New York experience. Dim Sum in Chinatown is a tradition here but this local favorite is also open (and more mellow) at dinnertime. Try out the juicy dumplings which are wheeled around on carts. Duck, Chicken, or Snow Pea and Soy Bean are some of the choices ($4 each). Add some  turnip cakes,  sweet sesame balls and rice rolls at a similar great value price and you are in business.


Just step outside your apartment , take a few steps in either direction and you will find one, the ubiquitous Pizza Shop! A slice will run you anywhere between $1 to $2 depending on the toppings and in case you were wondering how we eat on the run, here are a few simple instructions: First take a few napkins and blot off as much of the oil as you can , fold it in half lengthways and go.


E.17th Street between Broadway and Park  (Across from Union Square)
Ok, so two totally different places but because they are pretty much side by side we have put them together. Great if one of you is vegetarian and the other is not . CHOPPED is one of those great ideas I wish I had. A salad bar to end all salad bars!!!!! Anything you can possibly imagine to put in on or around a salad, all packed up there in front of you for under $8 . Throw in a Boyle's all natural Soda and people watching your way to health in Union Square. 


DOGMATIC SAUSAGE is like Chopped,  but as the name suggests is an ode to cased meat

Beef Chicken Pork Lamb or Turkey Sausage(all grass fed and free range) with a toasted baguette for $4.50 each,  or for veggies there are  Asparagus spears . There are inventive extras to spice things up like chimichurri sauce but the usual ketchup and mustard are available too . Spend the leftover cash on the Homemade grape soda $2.50 and

Peanut Butter Ice Cream $4.50 


319 Graham Ave at Devoe St Williamsburg Brooklyn
Phone: 718.599.8899
Yummy Neapolitan Pizza wood fired and super. The classic Margarita is $10, if you are feeling adventurous there is the Brussels Sprout and Speck topping $14. Before you get caught up in the main attraction enjoy one of our favorites, The Arugula Salad with Figs Gorgonzola and Pears $8 (if you are so inclined you can add bacon) with this and many other choices, ending up in Brooklyn (even if its because you took the wrong train) is not so bad!!! 

505 Columbus Ave at 84th st
Phone 212.873.0200
After a long day of exploring Central Park this fantastic little Greek place will really help to revitalize you. It has a weekly Pre-6 pm Prix-Fix Menu. Try the $17 spread of Mussels with beans, Feta, Roasted  lemon Chicken and Pudding for dessert. If you are traveling with kids, they have a kids menu also which also includes Manti (dumplings) in tomato Sauce or several mini burgers also,either choice for $7. If that doesn't work, there is always a side of rice to keep them quiet while you enjoy the fare (just don't forget to order the peas on the side as they usually come mixed together) 


Like the Pizza shop... there is a place to grab a bagel and a coffee on virtually every corner. We call them Bodegas or Delis for under $3 you can get it Toasted with Cream Cheese, Butter, Tuna, Ect... including the coffee. 

33-07 36Th Ave between 33rd and 34th St.
Astoria Queens

Phone 718.937.3835
Guyanese Cheese,Sweet Plantains and Avocados with Stuffed Corn Pastries $3.75 to $6.75, Wash it down with a brown sugar lemonade, tamarind juice or Chicha



Lovely Experimental cocktails and a really fantastic bunch of snacks and Popcorn that will blow your mind
Also there is a restaurant upstairs opens 7 days a week, from 5 pm till 2 am
525 Broome St (between Sullivan St and Thompson St)

New York, NY 10014

(212) 334-5182

Subway: C,E to Spring Street. 1 to Canal-Varick St A, C, E to Canal-Church St.

Another place to be sure not to miss is MAX BRENNER http://www.maxbrenner.com/ 

It is a restaurant located between 13th and 14 th streets

Its really amazing. My family loves it !
Its a great stop for a bit of sweets and a drink
There are some amazing cocktails for adults and fantastic fun for the kids. 


Great place to have tea and a sit down we TOTALLY LOVE THIS PLACE !!!


17 E 13th St
(between 5th Ave & University Pl)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, Union Square
(212) 243-8742


One of the oldest if not the oldest Pub in NYC (and a great beer selection)

McSorley's Old Ale House

15 East 7th Street
Manhattan, NY
(212) 473-9148 


Hogs and Heifers

859 Washington Street New York, NY 10014, United States
(212) 929-0655
The BEST motorcycle bar in the city, Sawdust on the floors and an amazing collection of bikes and their owners hanging round outside. This is the kind of place you don't really expect to see in NY and when you do its something really special, No fancy dresses here. 
Tourists are totally welcome.
Photos encouraged.
People in business suits laughed at under the breath of regulars who look like they all stepped off the cover of a ZZ Top album !!.
We like this place a lot.



On top of the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District (across the street from Hogs and Heifers). Get your fancy pants on and kick it up NY style.
Its quite the place , the bar is fabulous and the view is first class.
Drinks are a bit pricy but it is the meatpacking district .Be sure to enjoy the elevator ride up and do check out the etchings on the cubicles of the mens room stalls if you are a gent.....Silly !! NO sneakers allowed here. 


For great Thai food at remarkably reasonable prices, try SEA THAI across the street from the Standard. Drinks are not too pricey and the food is really good.
They have a super well priced lunch menu and love kids (which is weird for the area). Don't miss the Pad Thai Spring rolls and the Tom Yum Soup.
They will assist with any food allergies or dietery needs as well (another rare thing in the area).


For steak Try Abe and Arthurs on 14th and 9th or CraftSteak on 10th Ave , but call ahead for reservations.

Both places have the same owners and they are really lovely guys who like to party and want others to enjoy in style as well.....


A must do if you are visiting NY is the STARDUST DINER or as locals call it (Ellens Stardust)
1650 Broadway (between 50th St & 51st St)
This is something really special. All the waitstaff are actually performers on Broadway either in the Chorus or as alternates for lead roles and besides having some of the best diner food in all of NY state. They SING and I don't mean happy birthday. They belt out show tunes dance on the tables and are amazing wonderful talented people. Kids love it. Men think they will hate it but love it and everyone will have a fantastic time and never want leave. It's fabulous and a truly unique NY experience.


No visit to NY is complete without a trip to Serendipity
It is a classic and a must do
225 E 60th St New York, 10022, United States
(212) 838-3531
Beware of weekend nights as the wait can be excessive but do not miss the frozen hot chocolate. It's legendary


For drinks Midtown
Do have a Manhattan in the Plaza hotel lobby after a walk or carriage ride in the park
You will be glad you did as its great place to people watch and its just a classic New York Experience. Afterwards you can check out the windows at Bergdorfs next door
Or cruise the Apple Store or F A O Schwartz across the Street

As far as cheap drinks go, there are a million tiny bars all over the city .

 Log on to YELP or TIMEOUTNYC put in your choice of food and a billion options will come up. 

Be adventurous !!! but read the reviews .....


If there's a place you have tried and liked,and you want to spread the word by having it listed above, please drop us a mail with location and what you like about it and we will send our team to try it out.