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Grand Central terminal in New York, NY


New York Nightlife

The cliche, the city that never sleeps really is true about New York and especially in Manhattan. This little island buzzes with nocturnal activity every night  not just on the weekends with it's bustling neighborhood bars, amazing swanky cocktail lounges and hip night clubs,  the world's best DJs entertain New Yorkers and tourists alike.


Home to Broadway, the once sleazy run down Times Square and Broadway areas have undergone a major rejuvenation and are booming with New Yorkers and tourists alike with many theme restaurants, bars and exciting new stores and cinemas attracting a huge tourist crowd both day and night it is an essential spot to visit.


The East Village, from 14th Street to Houston east of Broadway is another great and famous late night area and famous for its bars  and live music venues and clubs, such as the famous but now closedCBGB, a live music venue which was frequented by a young rock-and-roll set.

CBGBs is now a clothing store owned by the very hip and pricy John Varvatos but he has kept much of the interior intact  

For those in the know the fabulous bathroom is gone it was moved to LAS VEGAS how weird is that !!!!


The Lower East Side, is a lot like the East Village a real up-and-coming neighborhood that borders the East Village at Houston and stretches south as far as Chinatown at Canal.There are fantastic bars and places to eat popping up everywhere along with great shops



Soho today is much different from the artist community of the 1970's. Property now sells in the millions, a bit more than the paintings in the art galleries this aside, Soho is still one of the best areas to shop, eat and just walk around and is full of hip places to visit with plenty of chic nightclubs attracting all sorts of people from artists to models to media types.


Entry to Night Clubs

Gaining entry to some of the clubs can be pricey and is on a cash only basis. The more popular places have a strict dress codes, only allowing the coolest and most beautiful to gain entry through the velvet ropes.

Never even think of wearing sneakers or trainer if you are a woman and if you are a man they better be really good ones if you dare

The normal club closing time is 4 am. An ever-changing crop of after-hours places offer entertainment until sunrise, however, alcohol cannot legally be served between 4am and 8 am or after Midnight on Sundays. The minimum age someone can buy a drink is 21 you cannot even buy a cola in a bar until you are 21 and checking of photo ID is mandatory. The average price of a beer is US$5-7, and a cocktail around  US$10. A tip is expected per drink.


Time Out New York is a very good source of nightlife event information, published weekly and sold at newsagents and kiosks or a good on-line site for New York night life is New York Night life and Music


Bars: New York has a incredible range of bars, everything from your local  neighborhood dives to lively Irish pubs with live music and everything in between including a few slick jet set haunts and a load of cocktail lounges.



Gambling is illegal in New York State.



The New York clubbing scene is notoriously fickle and impossible to give an acurate list as it changes like the weather, an in place one month can be next months wouldn't be caught dead in thereВќ but there are famous places which never seem to change, two consistently good spots are Centro-Fly this place is pretty cool with great food (starts at 9 pm) and breakfast starts at 1 am.


They also have several large rooms off the main dance area each with a different name like ''The Champagne roomВќ'' or the Crazy RoomВќ to name just two.

Club Centro-Fly is more than just your average club.


Filter 14, (no web site) located at 432 West 14th Street, at Washington Street, is a relative newcomer which has managed to compete with the more tried-and-trusted places like the Roxy, Over the years, it has seen people like Satoshi Tommiie, Jimmy Van M, Sean Cusick, Hector Romero. Definitely one to check out if you enjoy good music and of course ...dancing.



If you fancy checking out one of New York's  famous comedy clubs during your visit the top three venues, featuring top comedians, include Caroline's located right on Broadway, 1626 Broadway, The Comedy Cellar, 117 McDougal Street, and Gotham Comedy Club, 34 West 22nd Street “ voted the best comedy club in Manhattan''. More off-kilter comedy is on offer at Surf Reality, 172 Allen Street, Eat, Drink and Laugh  basically this says It all.  Ha ha. Ha.


Live music: Concerts, Jazz ,  etc

The world famous Madison Square Garden, is the place where the big guys and gals play from U2  to Madonna. You should try and see a concert here if you get the chance.


Central Park Summer stage Event

All through the summer The Summer Stage located at  Rumsey Playfield in Central Park is host to  almost daily show of dance,  music events , poetry and spoken word.


Many of the events are free, while others require advance tickets and serve as benefits for the summer series.


New York is also home to numerous jazz clubs, including The Blue Note, 131 West Third Street, and the Iridium, 1650 Broadway, Iridium claims to have the best place to have jazz and brunch in New York CityВќ