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  • Catherine McKimm and Evan Moody

    12 February, 2017

    We were extremely happy with our experience with New York Stay Apartments. Prior to the final reservation, Chandra was extremely helpful offering us a variety of options and doing a significant amount of research to find and recommend the right apartment for us.
    In the end, we booked a charming and interesting apartment in the Lower East Side in easy walking distance to subways, Orchard Street, Chinatown, Little Italy and a huge range of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other places of interest. Everything worked perfectly for us! The owner of the apartment was a great host. The arrival process went without a hitch. We were met by Marlon who let us in and gave us the run-down on the apartment. The apartment was perfect. We really enjoyed the unique and interesting decor. We were completely comfortable there and have no complaints whatsoever.
    We had a couple of issues with the internet but the owner responded promptly to our emails and did everything he could to resolve the problems.
    It turned out to be a perfect place to stay in New York where we could celebrate our daughter’s 30th birthday. She and her two friends who stayed with us absolutely loved the apartment. They all loved the location location too.
    We were delighted with everything. The service offered by New York Stays was just fantastic. Next time we come to New York, they will be the first people we contact to arrange accommodation.
  • Kate Beckett

    22 September, 2016

    We were very happy with NewYorkStay.com's handling of every inquiry we made regarding our stay in new York. The accommodation was great and even though there was a problem, their professional handling of the situation ensured that it was rectified in a timely manner. Just the fact that we were able to contact them and get a response so quickly was comforting.
    I have highly recommended NewYorkStay.com to many of my colleagues.
  • Cassidy Atienza

    11 February, 2015

    I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and politeness given by NewYorkStay.com's staff. I recently used NewYorkStay to book an apartment for a business trip and I wanted to ask a few pre-purchase questions and the customer support was perfect and sorted all of my questions straight away with honest and polite answers. Absolutely perfect, I'll definitely be using NewYorkStay again and recommending them to my friends and colleagues.
    The apartment was just lovely too, beautifully painted and maintained. Just beautiful. I don't regret using NewYorkStay for my apartment, not one bit. Our key-holder was extremely friendly and we had a lovely talk before I settled in to the apartment. I highly recommend them.