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Sports in New York


There is nothing that gets a New Yorker going like asking them about their favorite sports team and with 9 Major League teams playing the big four sports and countless smaller organizations participating in a myriad of others you are bound to find one that suits your taste
From Baseball to Rugby to Arm Wrestling to Curling to Ice Hockey we cover it all

Baseball is the national pastime and New York has 2 teams The New York Yankees and the New York Mets
We used to have 4 but California bought two of them in 1958
They were the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants
Our 2 major league teams are fed by the Minor League Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones
The Yankees play in the Bronx in a new stadium built to replace the old one which was built 1923 !
The Mets play in Queens
While there is intense rivalry between the 2 teams it is nothing compared to the battle which goes on between the Yankees and the Boston Red Socks
Any Yankee fan would gladly support the Mets in favor of Boston and tickets to a Yankee/Red Socks game are virtually impossible to get hold of in either city due to the ongoing battle (GO YANKEES)

Football(American Style)is the next most popular sport and the city is represented by 2 teams The New York Jets and the New York Giants
We are the only city in America to have 2 teams in the National Football League or NFL and both play in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey
Also representing the city are the New York Sharks a Professional Women's Football team they have won 3 conference titles and are the oldest and most successful women's team in history

Basketball is our most popular recreational sport with hundreds of courts all over the city
The most famous of these being the Cages on W.4th St and the courts in Rucker Park where the NBA has a summer league
We have 2 professional teams the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks
along with a women's league called the New York Liberty
The Knicks play in Madison Square Garden(MSG) in Manhattan and the Nets in Brooklyn at Barclays Stadium

 Ice Hockey is also a very hot sport with our two local teams the New York Rangers who play in Madison Square Garden and the Islanders who play in Nassau Coliseum on Long Island
Both teams are very competitive but the true rivalry is between either team and the Philadelphia Flyers
The Rangers also have a very intense war with the New Jersey Devils so tickets to any of the games between these 4 teams are very hard to come by

America is just catching on to the Football(Soccer)craze that has already gripped the rest of the world with the local team currently being the New York Red Bulls who replaced the New York Cosmos
We also have a Women's team called the Sky Blue FC

Horse Racing is another very popular pastime with the Aquaduct and the Belmont Track having races all year long with the exception of August as well as Yonkers Racetrack and Medowlands Bets can be placed both at the tracks or through the OTB system
Sulky or Harness Racing can be viewed in  Goshen,Monticello,Roosevelt,Saratoga Springs or Tioga in Upstate NY

In addition being a global city New York also has Cricket ,Arm Wrestling,Gaelic Sports,Rugby,Thai KickBoxing,Karate,Tennis, Swimming,Squash,Rugby,Cycling,Yoga,Ice Skating,InLine Skating,Skateboarding,Parkour or FreeRunning,Wrestling,Running and Golf to name a few
All of which can be watched or played any time of the year

If you would like to participate in any sport while visiting the city the best place to try first is the Chelsea Piers Complex where for the day, week or month you can purchase a pass allowing you entry into the facility which is located on the West Side Highway
There drop in activities for children and adults in addition to the usual sports options as well as a trapeze,toddler gym ,spa and and driving range

If you want to play Basketball you can just go to any street court and join a pick up game everyone loves a new face and all skill levels are appreciated and welcomed with the exception of the W.4th Cages on West 4th St and 6th Avenue If you are not looking to play hard street ball then its best to go there and just watch but by all means if you are up for it and have the skills to drop then give it a go

There is sure to be something for everyone whether you are a player or a spectator and we know you will find it and either play hard or enjoy a beer while watching !