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The Hamptons, Long Island

The Hamptons

The most expensive addresses in New York are not at one of the numerous luxury towers or the handful of townhouses but are in fact to be found in a collection of small villages and hamlets on the northernmost tip of Long Island. The island that is known for its rural, countryside atmosphere, as far removed from big city life as imaginable, is where New Yorkers go for a breath of fresh air from the urban hustle and bustle.


Tanning and beachcombing

There is a good reason why the rich and the famous choose the Hamptons over an apartment overlooking Central Park. Local stretches of scenic, serene sandy beaches could easily beat many Florida and California rivals. Come in summer to tan or in any other season to simply enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the scenery. Beaches are outfitted with facilities like showers, bathrooms, parasols, while local joints ensure that when you feel famished you won’t feel forced to head back to your hotel and abandon your sandy stretch of paradise. The area is a favourite of surfers who come here to chase the high waves and Ditch Plains beach in Montauk in particular seems to be their favourite.


The high life

The Hamptons have no lack for interesting restaurants and cafes. Seafood is a big thing around here so if you love it you needn’t look further. You can sample dishes sourced from fresh catch, try out ethnic cuisines and if you want fine dining you can splash out in style. After all, eateries reflect the affluent whims of locals, so you can find plenty of fancy venues.


The Hamptons also have a night life that can easily beat the trendiest New York neighbourhoods. Celebrities are regular visitors and in recent years Montauk has established itself as a leading night life hot spot. Surely venues go in and out of fashion and off-seasons might not be as wild and fun as high seasons but whenever you come you will not be let down. Entertainment here runs 24/7 in all forms and guises – from casinos to restaurants and hotel pool bars that double as nightclubs after dark.  


You can sing your heart out at Stacey Jane’s where the karaoke attracts visitors every night seven days a week! If you’d rather be entertained than entertain you will easily find lots of late night venues with live music. The Surf Lodge and the Sloppy Tuna in Montauk, SLEase in East Hampton and the Talkhouse in Amagansett all have live music and DJ gigs, while the Capri Hotel with its gourmet dining and pool parties is the spot for posh nights. This is hardly an exhaustive list, though, once you arrive just keep your eyes peeled for the queues and the loud music.


Shopping and Sports

Surfers have their high waves but as an affluent enclave the Hamptons boast plenty of fantastic golf courses. There are at least half a dozen of them, all perfectly equipped for days on end of games. Fishing is also highly popular for the obvious proximity of the ocean but if you prefer admiring the fish to hunting it book a whale watching cruise.

Do not worry excessively if you have no beachwear. There are enough colourful boutiques in the Hamptons to outfit you from top to toe. Whether it’s a quick shopping spree for the basics, retail therapy or window shopping you will find many attractive stores, boutiques, gourmet food stores and even bookshops where you can secure an interesting read for your days on the beach.


The Hamptons have allures and delights galore but the simple pleasures of life are not to bypass. Picking fresh produce at a local farm to enjoy at a beach picnic while watching the sunset – that’s one memory that will make your New York escape to the Hamptons unforgettable.