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West Village / Greenwich Village 


With its crooked off the grid streets, famous art scene and incredibly well preserved historic district, the West Village is the location to be in for all things unique and fabulous. Unlike the rest of the city,  the West Village or Greenwich Village is made up of tiny little streets with names that date back to the early settling of the city. While the rest of Manhattan is arranged in a straight grid of Avenues and streets,that run with no interruption the West Village is a tangle of alleys and narrow streets still paved in some case with the original stones. Running at a 45 degree angle against the Hudson River from Houston St to 14th and from the river to Sixth Avenue.


Since the early 1900s,' it has been a haven for artists and musicians who came to the area drawn by the small buildings cobblestone streets and general European flair that the rest of the city was beginning to lack as development encouraged upward expansion and large skyscrapers were being constructed. 


One of the most famous sights in the village is the Jefferson Market Library on the corner of 6th ave and W.10th St. Originally built as a courthouse in 1837 the building as it stands today replaced the original fire tower and sheds that were used by merchants and locals for vending, community meetings and court proceedings. It was designed by Frederick Clarke Withers and Calvert Vaux and  inspired by the Venetian Gothic style.


The building slated for demolition in the early 1940s, but the community saved it and redesigned the interior to become a library.  In 1977, it was declared a historic landmark and is now listed in the National Register as such. 


With its beautiful gardens and reading rooms it is a favorite haunt of locals to escape for some quiet. 


Another landmark in the area is Stonewall on Christopher St. A small unassuming bar, It is the site of what is often considered the most important event in Gay and Lesbian rights in the United States. It was the sight of massive rioting on June 28th 1969 against the police who had raided the location in the early morning and now stands as a marker to both the local and international communities of the need for equality and cohesiveness. Every year all over the world pride parades are  held in the month of June to commemorate the riots ,with one of the largest being here in NY with a party that ends in the heart of the village at the Washington Square Park. 


Washington Square park is one of the cities most loved and recognizable landmarks. The arch was  built in 1892 to commemorate the 100 years since George Washington was elected president and was modeled on the L'arch De Triomphe in Paris. The central fountain is a popular location for locals to cool off in the summer and the park are a wonderful place to sit and people watch .

There are always musicians and artists performing and near the Southwest corner of the park at the chess tables you can play a game any time with what might turn out to be the most challenging opponents you ever encounter.


The village is home to the largest community of artists in residence in a single space ,with the Westbeth Artist Housing project which is in the old Bell laboratories and makes up a complex of 13 buildings in the area of Bethune Bank West and Washington Streets. Westbeth is the location of many performance spaces notably the Martha Graham center, The New School for Drama and the Brecht Forum. It is currently closed to new residents and is not taking new applications at this time however the events are open to the public. 


With residents such as e.e.cummings, Theodore Driser, Edna St.Vincent Millay, Miles Davis Dylan Thomas who died after a bout of heavy drinking in the White Horse Tavern on Hudson and 11th St, it is said his ghost still resides there to this day, Mark Twain, Jackson Pollack,Augustus St.Gaudain, Salvador Dali, William Faulkner and Jack Kerouac to name a few. The village is dynamic enchanting and full of historic places both large and small. It is one of the best places in Manhattan just to get out and explore. Grab some comfortable shoes and a camera,throw the guide book out the window and let the streets take you where they may. We promise you will not be disappointed.. 



Places to check out 


The Church of St Luke in the Fields 

Washington Square Park 

Bleecker St 

The White Horse Tavern

Art Bar 

C.O Bigelow Chemist Shop

The Lomo Gallery of Lomography 

The Forbes Galleries

Grey Art NYU

Arthurs Tavern 

The Blue Note Jazz Club

Murrays Cheese Shop



Places to eat could take up an entire website so with that in mind here are a few to begin with , but we suggest exploring and asking around for recommendations as well. 

Magnolia Baking Company !!! Best. Icing. Ever. !

Ditch Plains 

The Spotted Pig 

Tea and Sympathy

Blue Hill 

One If By Land Two If By Sea

Fatty Crab





Hudson Clearwater


Yummy Village 

Risottoria specializes in Gluten Free  or regular Italian pizza, and some of the best gnocchi in the city and the breadsticks are incredible

Olive Tree Cafe